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Product Description

The Stealth all composite roof comes as standard in Composite Carbon fibre or any VW or user defined colour. The Stealth Carbon Fibre Composite Roof is designed to be installed specifically in Volkswagen Transporter T5 and T6 Vans.

Low Life utilised state to art 3D CAD design and modelling software enhanced with 3D scans of the VW Transporter vans to ensure the Carbon Fibre Composite Roof is true to the original shape and form of the VW van.

The roof is installed to exacting tolerances by the team of experienced fitters. The team of aircraft designers at AVS-SYS Ltd provided the final design from a clean sheet using experience and knowledge usually reserved for aircraft systems giving a truly engineered high quality product.

The Stealth Roof will initially be fitted by our specialist team to our own exacting standards. All our fitters are trained and familiar with the design and the installation of Elevated Roof Systems.

The Low Life team will also be securing the most experienced and qualified fitters throughout the UK and Europe to provide the installation service once training is completed at our headquarters

Product Specification

  • The Stealth Roof comes complete with a composite sub frame housing the bed and the Elevating Roof System.
  • The Stealth Roof is supplied and fitted with a full five year manufacturers warranty
  • Lowest weight roof on the market. Reduces vehicle fuel burn
  • Carbon Fibre Composite as standard (other colours available)
  • Engineered to exact aerospace standards
  • Low profile roof
  • Fastest installation time, 1- 2 days
  • Shortest lead times
  • Fully waterproof full canvas
  • Available for LWB and SWB
  • Available for both T5 and T6 vans
  • OEM look
  • No headroom loss
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Testimonials

    We loved our first VW camper converted for us by Dan and his team. However when we saw the new one he designed ( Highbook Twin ) we decided it would meet our needs even better. We weren't wrong! The design and layout utilises every inch of available space and is extremely well thought through. Everything has been completed to the highest of standards and comfort and yet we still have all the advantages of having a small van that can be parked anywhere. We absolutely love our camper and have nothing but good things to say about this company.

    Evelyn Rees

  • Testimonials

    We've had two CCS vans. The first we bought already converted just to check we enjoy the campervan lifestyle. After discovering we loved it, we bought a panel van and asked CCS to convert it to our exact spec. We just love our new conversion - it really feels like home, the build quality is excellent and it's really comfortable (the bed is comfier than the one in our home!). I expect we're different to most CCS customers in that we use the camper a lot. We picked it up from CCS five months ago, and have spent four of those months in the camper! It's held up the abuse very well - and when there has been the small niggle that crops up (unavoidable considering the abuse we give it), CCS have been brilliant at sorting it out. When we eventually wear the thing out and need a replacement, we'll be using CCS again. Highly recommended.

    Simon and Alex Perry